Last year, we fundraised to improve access for people who struggle getting in and out of the pool. We are delighted that we have been able to purchase a mobile hoist and a full-size changing table to help these swimmers and they will both be delivered in to the pool in the next couple of weeks.

We could not have done this without the amazing contributions from Barnwood Trust, Ecclesiastical Insurance, St James Place, Tesco Tokens, Rotary Cirencester and, last but not least, regular swimmer Richard O’Donnell.  Funds also came from Sponsored Swims and donations from Mermaid Swims through the year. Thank you so much for supporting our wonderful pool. 

We couldn’t talk about fundraising without mentioning a very special effort from Claire Webster who, last September, swam the channel and is supporting the pool with her sponsorship. Thank you so much Claire – what a monumental achievement.  

This year, we will be fundraising for another important project at the pool and will let you know once things are in place.  

Thank you for your ongoing support and enjoy this year of swimming! Roll on the sunshine! 

Jennie Hale - Fundraising Coordinator, Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool