Reasons to buy one

The main reason to purchase a season ticket is cost saving. If you intend to swim on a regular basis throughout the summer season, you will find it cheaper overall to buy a season ticket rather than booking individual sessions. Once you have bought your season ticket all public swim sessions are free (except Aqua Aerobics and any special or fund-raising events). Season Ticket holders also have their own dedicated sessions during the week which are only open to them. We have 2 types of tickets, Individual and Family: 

Individual Season Tickets 

Individual Season Tickets are for one person only. When you book a swim session you can only book for yourself (the Season Ticket Holder). You cannot book for other people.

Family Season Tickets

Family Season Tickets are for families of 1 or 2 adults and up to 4 children. They are aimed at families who wish to swim together in the Family Swim sessions. Each child on the ticket must be between 4 and 17 years of age on May 1st of the current year. Children under 4 years of age are admitted for free, so they do not have to be on the Family Season Ticket.

Normally, Families would swim together as one unit, however if you have children and who are independent and would like to swim on their own occasionally, they can have their own ticket on the family season ticket with which they can book their own swim sessions. The same facility applies to any second adult on the same season ticket.

To enable this facility, you first of all need register for the correct ticket for the size of your family group. Once you have signed up for a family ticket, you can add each child's and spouse/partner's details through ' Manage My Group' page which you will see when you login to your account, it is under the My Profile page.  You will need to enter their names and contact email address (Please Note. These email addresses must be a separate email addresses to the one you used to sign up for the season ticket).


When you purchase a season ticket you will be automatically registered on our web site. During the registration process you will need to enter a password for your account. If you register your children and/or a Spouse/Partner they will be also registered on the web site with their own credentials (User name, Email and password)

Booking Swim Sessions

To book any of the available Swim Sessions, you will first need to login to your account. You need to do this so that you can have free entry to the swim session you are booking. If you do not login first and book a session you will be asked to pay the cost of entry. Logging in to accounts also applies to your group members (children and spouse/partner's) if they want to book their own swim slots.

Important Notes: