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Pool Booking Post June 21st

Changes to Swim Booking - Update

Just to update you on changes to our booking system post June 21st.

First of all, apologies that you have not been able to book swim slots after June 20th. The reason for this was that the trustees and volunteers have had to wait for government and Swim England’s latest guidelines for the operation of open-air pools to be finalised. As you no doubt have seen in the press, this has not been easy for anyone running a public facility.

The major changes we are making in the first phase are as follows


  1. General Swim - Allow the booking of multiple slots for General Swims on a single booking.
  2. Cancel booking - Change the ‘Cancel before date’ to allow you to cancel a booking up to the last minute. We would however ask you that if you are going to cancel a booking to do it as early as possible so that your fellow swimmers can use that slot. We are still restricted by numbers so we want to give everyone a chance to swim, so please be fair to others and think before you book.
  3. Waiting Lists – We are eliminating this facility. We have had problems with this facility due to numerous factors, part system, part design of swim slot numbers and people being quick/slow off the mark. Therefore, we are taking this facility out. If you see slot that you want is full, keep checking the website to see if it comes free.


Next Phase

You will notice when we open up the booking for post June 21st that Family and General swims only go up to July 22nd. The reason is that from July 23rd we are hoping to do 2 things. One, increase capacity of bookable swim slots during the week and two, make Saturday and Sundays open to everyone on a first come first served basis without the need to pre book and, you will be able to stay all day!

One thing that you will need to do if and when we do change is make sure you have the NHS Covid-19 app on your phone, so you can check in at the pool when you arrive for a non-booked swim.

This next phase of course depends how the Covid situation changes over the next month, so please keep an eye on our web site and social media for notice of changes.


Again, we thank you for your patience while we implement these changes.

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