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Booking a swim - Issues and resolution

How to resolve common issues with booking your swim


Our support team are getting a significant number of calls related to issues when trying to sign in and book a swim

These fall into 2 common errors.

  1. A message appears 'The most recent request was denied because it had an invalid security token. Please refresh the page and try again'
  2. Invalid password for user name or email

The first thing to say is that unless you are a Season Ticket Holder, there is NO REQUIREMENT to create or sign in to your account, you can just book and pay for your session by entering your details (name, e-mail and phone number) on the registration page. If you have an account, the ticket will be logged against your account.

The second thing to say is that due to the popularity of our website, we are now targeted by 'hacker and spammers' who are trying to infiltrate our site with fake advertising and other suspicious material. Therefore, we have had to increase our security. This has led to people experiencing the 2 issues above.

The first error is caused when you try to sign into your account and you are already signed on the same device or another device that is linked to your email account. This is quite common if you use Gmail or Apple's iCloud accounts. It can happen when you hit the sign in button more than once. It can also happen if a family member using a shared device (ie PC, Tablet) but a different email address signs in but does not sign out before you try and sign in. 

So, if you get the message 'The most recent request was denied because it had an invalid security token. Please refresh the page and try again', please check the following:

  1. Check you are not signed in already on another browser tab
  2. Check you are not signed in on another device (ie your mobile)
  3. Check other family members are not signed in on the device you are trying to sign in on.
  4. Finally, do as the message says ' Refresh the page' and then try again.

Invalid Password

This is normally caused by you typing the wrong password. It can also happen if your browser stores passwords for you and it automatically enters the password for you and this password maybe the incorrect one.  If you share your device with a family member and their details and passwords are also stored so this can cause a problem. If you have multiple email accounts, make sure you are using the one that you registered on our website.

If the problem is that you have forgotten the password DO NOT KEEP TRYING....our security system will block you and your account. What you should do is click on the link in the Sign In form that says 'Forgot your password'. You will then have to enter your email address and if we find you have an account with that email address, we will send you a link to reset the password. This email may end up in your Spam/Junk folder.

Failing that please get in touch with our support team, who will be able to help you. However, to speed things up please give us as much detail as possible about your problem.




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