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Season Update

Season Update

 Season Update

‍Dear Visitor ,


We are now just over halfway through the season, and we hope that you are having a wonderful time  visiting our pool. Already we have had many appreciative visitors coming to the pool while on holiday in the areas including visitors from as far away as Japan, Australia and South Africa.

Over the past couple of weeks we have welcomed several school groups to the pool enjoy an end of school year treat. We hope that many of these pupils will return during the summer holidays. 


The Youth Evenings on Fridays are proving to be a great success again this year with many regulars plus a few new faces every week.  We also welcome parents who would like to stay during the session, maybe having a hot drink or an ice cream from our tuck shop.  

Booked Swims 

Please may we remind you that if you are unable to attend your booked session, please cancel the swim in good time.  We have noticed that a number of  swimmers are forgetting to do this and depriving others the chance to take your place and experience the pool, This is especially important on our lane swims which are regulary booked to capacity.

Season Tickets 

Season Tickets are still on sale and worth buying if you swim twice a week or more. If you are around during the summer holidays, you may find this an especially useful activity.  Also, may we remind you if you have not already done so to collect your printed season ticket from the gate. 

Locker Keys 

Prior to the season, we made sure that the lockers were in good working order with keys fitted to all of them. Sadly, many of the keys have disappeared leaving these lockers out of action. If you have found a locker key that you have taken home by mistake, please could you return it as soon as possible so that other people can make use of the lockers. We would really appreciate this. 


Fundraising Activities 


Our bookstall with a team of 4 volunteers in the Corn Hall continues to be a good fundraiser. The bookstall is open on Monday mornings and stays there with an honesty box until Thursday evening. 

Any donations of books are gratefully received at the pool or in the Corn Hall (under our table). A big thank you to Wildmoor Properties for their generosity in providing the space in the Corn Hall for us to use.

Lost property is another little fundraiser for us. Any items left at the pool are gathered up at the end of the day and stored for approximately one week. At the end of this time, any items that are saleable are laundered and put out for sale on the rail in the pool entrance. This is a great way to recycle and provides a service for people who arrive at the pool only to find a towel or costume is missing from their kit.  

These recycled Items may be hired or bought, please put a donation in the pot on the rail. If you do not want to take your garment or towel home, please leave it at the desk for re laundering and resale.  

If you are a family with kids who have outgrown their swim kit, please consider bringing it along to the pool and donating it for re-use by someone else, thank you!  Anything we can't sell is taken to charity shops, fabric and plastic recycling etc. If you have any ideas for recycling drinks bottles, we would appreciate hearing from you. 

Speaking of recycling..............................................   


Recycling and Waste Disposal


Keeping the Pool clean and safe for everyone to enjoy is our prime responsibility. Discarded waste can cause health and safety hazards both in and out of the pool for children and adults alike. We would like to remind everyone if you bring food and drink onto the site to either take any remnants home with you or dispose of them in the designated bins we have on site. These bins are located at the side of the tuck shop. We would like to remind you that unlike house owners, whose rubbish disposal is included in their council tax, the pool must pay for all our waste disposal and recycling. 

May we also kindly remind parents and carers who bring young children in nappies on site to take any used nappies home with you and not to dispose of those in the general waste bin. If nappies are found in any of our bins, our waste disposal company can fine us up to £5,000!  

Finally, please do not bring any glass containers or bottles on site, the area around the pool is stone and any broken glass could cause serious injuries to someone, in particular, young children who might not notice broken glass.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Summer Holiday Swim sessions

With the summer holidays upon us we are making a couple of  minor changes to the Swim Session Schedule starting Monday 24th July.

We will run an extra Inclusive Swim each Tuesday starting on the 25th July through to the end of Augurst. The session will start at 9am. During this period there will be no 9am Adult Lane Swim on Tuesdays.


The Tuesday 9am Adult Pre with School Childre swim will move to Mondays at the same time and run alongside the Monday Aqua Aerobics session.


At the beginning of September we will revert back to the pre school holiday schedule.


All other sessions will remain as is. Please check the Pool Timetable for full details of all our sessions 

‍Kind regards

‍Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool 

Please do not reply to this email as the email address is not monitored and you will not get a response. If you wish to contact us, please use the Contact Form on our website. You can also follow us on Twitter @coasp1869 for the latest pool upates


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