We have had a number of people contact us about managing their swim bookings on the web site. Their main issue was tracking their bookings. We would just like to remind you of the booking process. 

When you complete your booking a number of things happen.

  • An email is generated and sent to the email address you have registered on your account (if you have registered account with us) or the email you specify on the booking form. This email has details of your booking and there is a PDF of the booking also. In addition there is ICS file which you can click on to add the booking time to your calendar.
  • Another email is sent to you around 12 hours before the session takes place reminding your of your session.

Please check these emails to ensure your booking is what you expected. These emails may end up in your spam/junk folder, so please go there if the emails are not in your inbox.

If you have a registered account or you are a season ticket holder you can also see all your bookings on the web site. To do this login to your account.

You will see your account details and then some tabs. Click on Your Session Bookings tab and you will see all your bookings as in the screen shot below
















Before contacting us with queries please check your emails and if you are registered account holder or season ticket holder, check your booking history.

Finally, If you do have a registered account with us, we do suggest you do not use your email address as your login id, so as not to compromise your email address from spammers and hackers. You can change your username on Your Account Details when you log in. We suggest you use something like your first and last name, i.e. john_smith

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